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If you have chronic illness, you have medical bills, medication co-pays, and if you have any money left over, rent and food. You also have stress, probably pain, and more medical bills. There are a few apps I love and use almost every day, they help my stress and pain levels. The best thing is the FREE versions are all I use! 

First Tapping Solution, calms my nervous system and quiets the monkey in my mind when anxiety kicks in. They have tons of options to choose from. Insight Timer is a wonderful mediation app whether your a beginner or have been chanting for years. They offer 5-minute meditations, don’t have time, there are 1-minute meditations too. Choose to listen to nature or religious meditations to deepen your faith, they have many faiths represented. Audible, for audiobooks, have a lot of free stories and books to choose from and you never pay a dime. I love Today’s Hope which is an Alanon app, it free has inspiring daily reflections and inspirational stories. 

I have also found great resources and support groups like the ones at Beyond My Battle ( they also offer support for our caretakers. Books like “How to be sick” By Toni Bernhard, “Chronic Illness and the 12 Steps” By Martha Cleveland, and new books in my collection like “Chronic Pain Hacker- Because Healing is Hard” By Shannon Green and “The Things We Don’t Say- An Anthology of Chronic Illness Truths” By Julie Morgenlender.

What books, apps, and resources have you found that have helped that you?